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8766 Holloway Dr,

West Hollywood, CA 90069


Monday – Friday | 7am – 10pm
Saturday - Sunday | 8am – 8pm


We’re a family owned cafe with a close-knit crew serving locals all alike with love, here, in West Hollywood. We partner with only the best to serve the best. We serve third wave coffee which ultimately means we care about quality and focus on micro batch roasting. This allows us to showcase a more complex flavor profile from our coffee program. Not only do we locally source our coffee beans, we also partner with family operated farms that have been passed down generation after generation. If it’s not obvious by now, we’re real big on the inclusive family vibes. We like to support small local family owned businesses and showcase their quality produce in our own handcrafted creations.


– Dialog Cafe –

[ your second family]



How The Story Began

The building Dialog Cafe resides in was originally designed by a man named R.M. Schindler and built by William Lingenbrink in 1937. Fast forwarding to more recent times, Dialog Cafe started off as an internet cafe and was later bought by an Italian-Armenian couple, who have been together since high school. Since then, what has been nearly over twelve years, Dialog has become everyone’s favourite neighbourhood coffee shop and brunch stop. The family feel doesn’t just stay among the couple and their son, Tadeh, who took over the shop nine years ago; the closeness and warmth extends outwards to the employees that work there as well as towards all the customers that come in. Dialog Cafe has a hand full of regular customers that have also become part of the family. and with open arms, we welcome anyone who enters our doors to join. Even if you’re just visiting the area for the day, Dialog Cafe will happily welcome anyone and treat you as if you were their own.



8766 Holloway Dr,

West Hollywood, CA 90069

We’re on the corner of Holloway Drive and Palm Street, across from Tower Records. You can find meter parking along both sides of the cafe.

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Just your friendly neighbourhood coffee shop serving high quality coffee and locally sourced food made with love both in West Hollywood and on the internet.

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